Jan 7/04
Arrived in Paris at 8:30 AM.  Flew on a 767.  For part of the flight we were up to 1070 kph.  Outside temp @ 37,000' was -65C.  Had a window seat again & played with my GPS.  Kind of interesting to know were you are over the big ocean.  When we let down through the clouds the sun was getting ready to come over the horizon.  Under the clouds it was almost dark again.  Degaulle is one big airport.  We were picked up at the plane on a big articulated bus and taken to the terminal.  There we cleared our paper work & another long ride to the terminal where we were to leave from.  After again removing my shoes, belt, watch etc and having my tote gone thru we were on our way.  I hope the others won't get tired of waiting for me always getting dressed after security.  Very tired.  Tried sleeping.  I might have dozed for 20-30 min.  For me its 5 AM but it seems like midday.  Luanna went for a walk.  Arnold & me are left to baby sit the luggage. Had 5963 km to Paris.  Our average moving speed was 930 km/hr.  Had chichen wings & fries for dinner.  It cost 8.45 Eu.  Felt strange to buy dinner by pointing.  Didn't find the Haas's in Paris.  Jim ended up seeing an Air France Dr.  They gave him a needle to make him sleep for an hour and then sent him back to the terminal.  He was all impressed with the service.  Our flight left about 40 min late.  It was an uneventful flight.  I sat in the middle so I couldn't play with my GPS.  Watched movies and slept for at least 1 hr.  Sure felt good.  Luanna visited with a Veronica Ofore.  She was from Ouagadougou.  Arrived more or less on time.  Went through customs.  Seemed almost like he was new at it and we went back for a rerun and got our papers stamped.  Then we saw Carmela through the window.  Felt great.  Went to collect all our checked luggage.  It was all there.  We even managed to get 1 extra.  Lillian will return it tomorrow when she goes back to the airport to see what's happening to her parents.  Hired some guys to move our luggage to the truck.  It cost 6000 francs but I think it was worth it.  They just wheeled past customs, 1 waved the others mostly didn't look.  I got hauled back and customs looked into 1 box and away we went.  At the mission guest house we had a snack & then were off to clean up and then sleep.