Jan 6/04
Myrna phone 6:55 AM.  The day starts off with a bang.  Taped up the last of the boxes and off to church to meet as a group.  Ed Johnson prayed with us before we left.  The boys went to get the mail quick before we left and sure enough, the DVD movie "The Gods must be Crazy" had arrived.  Talk about being on time.  Off to Wpg.  Checked in our luggage.  Checked it through to Ouagadougou.  Had dinner with Rick, Daniel & Floyd.  Flight was late.  We left at 1:20 approx instead of 12:35  Had a nice long walk in TO  Had to clear security again.  Had to take off shoes & belt again like in Wpg.  The radio & accessories got sniffed in TO  Hurried up & then had to wait for at least 1 1/2 hr.  Hope the flight will be on time.