Jan 31/04
When we got to Tin we spent the day at Carmela's.  We left around 9 from Orodara.  Paul's truck was full with all their stuff because they were moving home.  Luanna & I went back to Tin on Paul's dirt bike.  We left it at Paul's & walked to Carmela's.  We had dinner there & after dinner Carmela & Luanna baked buns. Spent the time visiting & taking some pictures.  Kids from the courtyard dropped in & out.  At  one point they wanted to see Carmela's photo book & while they were looking at it I took some video clips.  At one point one of the boys wanted me to take a picture of him with my cap.  I obliged him & he was happy to be able to see the picture right away.  Then one came and watched the screen and was excited about watching the movement on the screeen.  After awhile I decided to show them a replay of the video I had taken.  You should have seen the look on their faces when they saw & heard what had just happened.  They were very astonished.  They were used to still pictures but movement & sound was truly amazing.  I think I blew my cover.  The small video camera with the side screeen make's it quite unobtrusive to take pictures.  Hope I can still do it after this.  Carmela took a picture of them watching themselves on the camera.  About 5 we went to Paul & Lois.  I went to the radio & spent some time there.  There was a contest on so there seemed little interest in DX.  I had about 20 contacts.  Today I could take some time & visit.  Talked to a OM in Quebec.  He was close to Ottawa.  He said it was -8 C.  That compared to 25 C in Pauls office with all the windows open & the sun already set.  Luanna made pizza for supper.  It was good.  Johnathan made cake.  We celebrated Pauls 50th birthday.  It was a bit premature, its actually on Feb 19th.  I had purchased a gift & sent it along with Carmela but thought it might be nice to celebrate it with him.  It was a nice evening.  We left around 9 30 to go to Tendenau for the night. Slept in a mud hut.  We placed a mat on the floor & a mattress on top and mosquito netting as a canopy over the top.  There was a bit of bathroom smell from the bathroom close by.  It was not to bad for sleeping.  It is cooler here than in Orodara.  Might have been nice to have a long sleeved shirt or a light jacket in the evening.  No shower tonight.  The showers here have no roof, open to the stars.  Sure would have been cool.  Late in the evening Carmela's bike was returned.  Something happened to it on the hill coming down into Tin.  Something fell off so the chain is loose.  Have to look at it in the morning.  Hope parts aren't lost.  The bike's here don't seem to be the quality of bikes at home.  Hope I can fix it.

The first door on the left is the door to Carmela's room.  The second door is to the kitchen which she shared with Lillian.  Lillian's room was off of the kitchen.  The building on the right is Lillian's office.  This is where she did her linguistic work.  The house had a grass roof and was cooler during the day than Paul's which had a tin roof.
This is the boy who wanted his picture taken with my cap.  When we flew out of Ouagau I sent my cap back with Carmela to give to him.
My wife had brought some flour along from home for our daughter and here they had decided to use it.  Making buns inside the kitchen of Carmela's mud hut.