Jan 30/04
Left for Tin about 8 15.  Had a nice easy day.  Did some work with the plumbing.  Made tea for morning coffee.  Started making radio contacts during siesta time & forgot to come back to work.  When I finally got back I help Paul & Jim get some pipes ready for the pump.  Later I went back to the radio & spent another hr or more at it.  Made 144 contacts altogether.  Great.  The guy in California that's emailing me can't seem to find me.  Will have to make arrangements for Paul to get ahold of him.  Went back to Orodara on Paul's bike some time after the others left.  Took a long time to get the bike started.  Sure is a bit different going back in the dark.  I caught up with another bike close to Orodara that had no tail lights.  When I got close he speeded up.  Thats when I noticed he didn't have headlights either so I stayed behind him.  I hope it helped him.  There were 2 people on the bike with some chickens hanging on the side.  He turned off about 1/2 km before the guest house.  Loren Entz was at the guest house.  He had bus problems in Bobo & got here late today & decided to spend the night here and go home tomorrow.  I guess Donna just waits at home and says no news is good news.  They have no phone so he had no way of telling her even if he is at a phone.  Spageti & meat sauce for supper & strawberries for desert.  Good.  Shower and Pill time.