Jan 25/04
Breakfast was granola & cashews.   Water to drink.  Boy was it a hot night till about 2.  I opened the door at that point & then it cooled off.  Slept more or less till almost 8.  Breakfast & then load up & off to Nazinga.  Pauls truck & Anne's car & a Toyota 4WD.  Jonathan & I sat in the back jump seats of the Toyota.  Not a bad place except it was hot.  The AC didn't seem to reach till there.  Most of the time you could have wiped sweat off my arms.  Took an hour to get out of town.  Stop for gas, stop for bread, stop to fill tires on Toyota and finally on our way.  A camel showed up where we were filling up gas.  We took some pictures from within the car.  Finally someone paid him 500 francs & Jim took some pictures.  We finally got on our way and drove almost uneventfully till where we left the paved road which was approx 2/3 of the way to the game farm.  We stoppped and bought some drinks & had a break.  Lots of kids hanging around and begging.  Turned west along a gravel rd that wasn't to bad, and then another turn and finally arrived at the gate.  It took almost an hour before we continued on.  Paul paid for everyone.  Burkina residents paid 3000 franks & the rest were 8500 francs.  We also had to pay for each camera & a little more for video cameras.  After that the road got smaller & to meet another vehecile you kind of pulled off the road and eased past each other.  We saw some baboons & 2 deer.  When we got to the camp we saw 2 elephants, some monkeys, a crocodile and various birds.  Luanna, Carmela & me stayed in one cabin.  It was a cement brick hut with a tin roof.  Some of the cabins had grass roofs.  The awnings over the window on our cabin was made of grass.  Supper in the on site resturant.  We had preordered to have supper at 700 pm.  We had mutton & antelope served with fries & green beans.  After supper we met at Paul & Lois's cabin for a sharing & prayer time & some hot tea & hot chocolate.  The power went out at 10:00.  They run the generator only from 6-10.  Made sure I put the camera battries on the charger during that time.  Hope it's enough for tomorrow.  Probably not.  Plan to be up to join 6:30 safari.  If I have to I suppose I can charge up on Pauls inverter.  I wired up a 12 volt plug on his truck just for that.  The stars were beautiful tonight, especially after the power went out.  There is no light pollution to light up the night sky and hide the stars.  Sure have lots of itch bumps on my arms.  Insect bites of some kind or other.  Have to make sure I take my malaria pills.  Outside it sure has cooled off.  It would be nice to have long sleeeves, but I left that all back at Oradara.  It's hard to imagine needing them during the day.  It seems a lot warmer here than at Oradara.  The elevation is some different which could be part of the difference.  Sweet dreams.

Here we are, back at Ann's guest house in Ouagaudougou.  This is taken just before we left for the Nazinga Game Park. Almost all of us went to the park from here.
I'm not sure if these people are moving or if they are in the trucking business.  But it sure looks like they didn't want to waste any space on the pickup.