Jan 24/04
Left for Nazinga this morning.  Stopped in Bobo to do some shopping & I went with Paul to change US dollars into francs.  Sure glad our banking at home is not so time consuming.  Candian dollars were changed with a Lebonese store keeper and US dollars at a bank.  We saw a completly naked man.  Paul said the man was probably insane.  Later he told me I had met both extrems of society, the poor homeless & the very rich.  Our driver was the same as we had coming to Oradara.  Today he drove a bit faster, to keep up with Paul I assume.  At one point  I was in front to take some video clips & I noticed he ahd no sppedometer so I guess I was the only one who knew how fast we were going.  We had to almost stop for a herd of Donkey's crossing the road.  Another time a girl on a bike didn't get off the road when he blew his horn & he couldn't move over because of on comming traffic so he stopped & when back to yell at her.  Some nice pot holes on a stretch of road.  I banged my elbow on the window sill when he went through one of them.  Arrived at the guest house in Ouagau around 6:30.  Luanna gave me a neck rub for my headach & then we all went to a high class resturant.  It had walls but no roof.  I had a T bone steak.  It was good.  For desert I had ice cream, also good.  Afterwards back to the guest house.  It was about 10:30 so it is definetly bed time.

We saw a number of piles of cotton beside the road while we were traveling.