Jan 21/04
The wiring is done for now at least.  Taped up the last wire first thing & then spent the rest of the day sanding or so it seemed.  At least till 5:00.  After that I helped Paul put new screen on the porch.  Melfort worked on the kitchen countertop & Art worked at mounting a wash basin in the porch.  The painting is fast coming to completion.  We worked till 7 to finish closing up the porch where the screen had been removed.  We used lights to finish up the last of it.  Paul picked up his water pump today.  It has 2 pistons & is foot powered.  Plans are to use it to pump water from ground level up to his tank on top of his old shower.  Water will be taken from the well by pail as usual & then put in a barrel and from there it gets pumped up to the roof.  The afternoon sun will be able to shine on the tank & that is the only warming that the water will get for showering.  My feet are very tired today.  When we got back to Oradara some drums had showed up.  They're much bigger than we had ordered.  Hope we  can pack them for taking home.  Josiah phoned Paul & Lois this evening.  Paul says it's the first call from Canada or the US since at least the beginning of Dec.  Sat & visited in the sitting room with Arnold & Jim for awhile.  Later Kendale stopped in for awhile.  Visited with Paul out side for a bit.  He told me about a trip he & Josiah had taken a number of years ago, each on a moped.  They had gone just over the border into Mali just to say they had been there.  They visited with some locals there for a 1/2 hr & then returned home.  The shower will definetly have some dirt to take off tonight.

This picture shows the pump in action pumping water out of the barrel.  It operates much like a stepping machine.  The water barrel is filled by bucket from the well in the center of the picture.  This setup gave Paul the luxery of having "running water" by gravity from a tank on top of the wall.