Jan 20/04
Up at 6 45, just in time for breadfast @ 7:00.  First thing at job I moved a light that Lois decided she wanted some where else.  Not a big deal, but had to lengthen the wire some.  Wiring is sure different out here.  No safty code to comply with.  Wires are joined all over the place and tacked on to the walls in plain view.  Spent some time neatening up wires all over the place & removing ones not in use.  Added some new ones.  Tina finished some cushions for sofa.  Luanna, Thelma & Lois painted.  Thelma painted on baseboards.  The work is moving ahead but its obvious it won't all get done, but apparently that was expected.  At dinner Lillian gave us a drum demonstration.  We're hoping to purchase 1 to take home.  Mongol stopped by after dinner.  Paul & Lois speak highly of him.  He lives right close to them.  He has 3 wives, 1 in Tin, 1 at Oradara & 1 out where his field is.  He came over with a bunch of his grandchildren & one of his own children.  Lois says that the children in his courtyard are among the better behaved in the comunity.  Art spent most of the day on the water system.  Arnold kept on fixing the walls.  Jim is working at closing gaps around the shutter latches & fixing doors.  Melfort worked on sewer system.  Kendale helped wherever he was needed.  Back in Oradara Loren and Donna joined us for supper.  I saw some of Jims pictures.  Nice.  Showed Carmela some of the filming I did today.  Shower time.  I thought I was done for today, but I had to add that we listened to some of our evening music, dogs, & there is one dog who doesn't sound like a dog.  More like a loud starter on a motor except louder & it takes a while to get it running.

This is the sofa that the cushions were made for.  The sofa is made entirely of clay.  It was built right in place.  I don't think that it's a sofa that would be easily moved.  When it was finished it looked quite nice.