Jan 19/04
Didn't cool off last night till about 4 A.M.  Hot today.  Spent the day wiring in 4 flouresent lights and tidying up wires along corners, accross walls & along beams accross the top of the house.  Sure heats through the tin roof.  Arnold worked on the counter top today.  Melfort worked on the sewer system.  The local help dug out for the septic field.  I also saw them mix cement for the lintel above the bathroom door.  Kendale worked on putting up the water tank.  He was working on preparing the place were the water tank was to go.  Luanna & Thelma painted.  The house sure looks different inside.  Tina spent the day sewing on curtains.  Paul took me & Jim to visit Sedo.  We hadn't been to his place yet & this was the start of a new week & Paul thought we needed to visit him.  It seemed Sedo thought so to.  After we had been there for an hour Paul asked for the road & Sedo didn't give it to him.  He told us about trying or hoping to send 1 of his grandsons to Canada.  He also wanted us to buy them a tractor or if not that at least help build a dam so they'd have water for irrigation.  Finally after 2 hrs he let us go.  We were late for dinner so the food had to be reheated for us.  Had a long discussion about the ethics of helping the community.  It came out that one project had been tried.  It took many years and finally in desperation they got local people to donate to the project only to have someone abscond with the money.  This did not help for future projects.  Loren & Donna Entz were at the guest house for supper.  After supper we had a lengthy discussion about evangilism.  Do we preach Christ & let God tell them how to behave or do we also tell them how to behave.  By teahing behavior do we encourage a form of legalism.  Later Loren brought up the topic of polygamy.  Is it wrong in the African culture.  Does it say any where in the bible not to have more than 1 wife.  The only reference to one wife was where it refers to the deacons.  Shot a number of short video clips today.  I arrived first with Paul's dirt bike and got a clip of the truck arriving.  Made 2 short contacts on the radio at the end of the day.  One was in Nashville & 1 close to there.  Sent email to the boys tonight.  Or at least typed it into the computer.  Someone will take it to Bobo tomorrow & send it from there.  Shower & pill time.

The top picture shows Paul's office which also served as his radio shack.  The wall extends around the yard.  And for the radio fans the antenna shown at the bottom is a tribander Cushcraft.  It is fixed in place and is what I used to make all my contacts.