Jan 18/04
Slept late this morning.  Everyone had left when Luanna & I got up.  Except Carmela.  Luanna & Carmela went to church in Oradara.  Paul took a group to Loren & Donna's church.  I took Pauls dirt bike back to his place to play radio.  Got there about 11.  Not a good day till 330 or so.  Had only about 15 or so contacts before that.  The the band seemed to open up.  I talked to a US station & he asked me to move away from the IOTA freq because he said there would be a pileup after he put me on the DX board.  There sure was.  I ended the day with 120 contacts.  The bad part about today was that I seem to have lost my pack of small tools.  I was sure I had tied them on thight but they were gone when I arrived at Tin.  Sure hope I won't need them anymore.  Had homemade ice cream after supper.  Then a time of singing & praying.  Lillian said that some of the people in Tin had commented that they could have done the brick work at a lot less expense.  Others again where impressed that the men & women could work together in harmony on the same project.  Out here lots of times wives don't know where their husbands are or even when they'll be home.  Loren & Donna where in Oradara with all of us for supper and for the evening & night. The temp today must have been about 35 C.  It was 32 C inside Paul's office.  No wind.  Hope it cools off to sleep

This is the road we drove daily from Oradara to Tin.