Jan 17/04
Finished rewiring the four floresent lights to accept external 12V.  Went to Lillian's & Carmels's to look at some of the wiring there.  Different setup.  They change 12V to 220 AC and use it that way except for one plug close to the batteries.  Fixed a 220 plug in her office so she could plug in her computer into it again.  The light outside the office will need parts.  Took her portable 12V floresent light along to Paul's to check it out.  Took some pictures & went back to Paul & Lois's place.  Had dinner.  After dinner tried Lillian's light.  It worked right away.  Gave it back to her.  Will have to check her plug for polarity next week.  The other men got Lois's coutertop on.  They formed up the lintel above the bathroom door.  Plans were to quit early so most everyone left for Oradara.  The mission truck was left behind so Lillian & her parents could use it tomorrow to go to church in Jegatou (hope it's more or less right).  They plan on visiting some people after & being home around 5.  Carmela was to go back to Oradara on Lillian's moto.  Luanna & Carmela went to Tendenou to Carmela's place.  I went to spend some time on the radio.  20 meters was dead so I tried 15.  Wow. Spent 5-10 min on one visit and what a pileup after that.  Made about 50 contacts & quit when the batteries got low.  Lots of European countries & some US & Candian stations.  What a rush to be a rare station.  When I quit Luanna & Carmela were back at Pauls.  Luanna & I went back to Oradara on Pauls dirt bike & Carmela on Lillians moto.  Made it back to the guest house around 5:45 and walked into town to the market.  Definetly not the shopping I am used to.  Crowded close together, stuff laid out all over, even on the ground.  Grains, corn & dried fish right where the people could step over them if necessary.  Room for 2 or three people side by side at the most and then the odd bycycle or hand cart or motor bike would also come through.  Carmela bought a tape & some bracelets.  When we got back to the guest house the others had just started to eat.  After supper we hurried up & showered & watched the movie "the Gods must be Crazy."  Used Lillians computer so we had to sit quietly in a small group so we could all see & hear.  Afterwards I did my diary & pills & bed.  Tomorrow is another day.

This is the mud hut Carmela and Lillian lived in Tin.  It was part of the Tendanou courtyard.  The door in the center is the door to their kitchen.