Jan 16/04
Despite Pauls assurance that it is rare to rain in the dry season, this morning it rained.  If you stood in the middle of the yard you could even feel the odd drop land on you.  On the roof it evaporated before it ran off the edge.  It stayed overcast most of the day.  It was a nice day for working outside.  Started the day off trying to modify battery floresent lights to work off the solar powered battery system.  Just opened up the light and got interupted to try & fix the generator.  It was labouring as if under a heavy load with nothing hooked up.  Opened everything up and all I could find was some bare wires in the control panel.  Replaced 1 wire & patched up the other 2.  Made no difference.  Took the generator itself off the frame & opened it up.  Could find nothing obviously wrong.  Art & me concluded it must probably be some component that is not made to take apart.  The brushes were good, diodes seeemed to be good, capacitor tested okay.  Put it all back together & tried again, no difference.  It was interesting but sure seems a wasted day.  Art mde progress on the bathroom wall.  They were working on scaffolding at the end of the day.  They put on some more brick on the septic tank.  Painting is making good progress.  2 locals came down & made about 100 cement bricks.  They make 1 at a time with a 2 piece mould.  35 bricks to 1 bag of cement.  Relative humidity is 30%.  Not a good day for radio propagation.  Made 2 contacts.  Plans are to work a 1/2 day tomorrow and then go to the market in Oradara.  Not a hot day today.  It went upto 25 in Pauls office today.  Shower time & malaria pill time.

This was the only generator that we had capable of 110V.  Most of our power tools that we had needed 110V instead of 220V  like the standard in the country.
These are the bricks that were made one at a time using the 2 piece mould.  Now that the job was done it was time to negotiate the price.