Jan 15/04
Just checked my diary.  Must have missed Tues entry.  That's the night I talked late to Donna.  Cleaned up the batteries at the house & rerouted 1 circut to get it into the fuse box.  Put new planks under batteries & built a tray to collect drippings.  Salvaged some wire from that to use for wiring into the new bathroom.  Started wiring for new bathroom.  Installed light switch & ran wires through the wall.  Luanna took some time off to teach some kids how to count to 10.  Took a video clip of that.  Art & Melfort got a good part of the bathroom wall set up.  Most of the men & Pauls workers were support staff.  We realize we won't get all the work done so we want to get the main projects done.  Tina did some more sewing & Luanna, Thelma & Lois spent the day painting.  The walls sure look different with 2 coats of paint.  Temps during day around 95 F.   The humidity in Oradara showed 27% yesterday.  Paul says there is no chance of rain at this time of year.  Talked to someone in Quebec today, he said it was -33 C.  Hard to imagine when you're dressed for summer & dripping sweat.  There is hardly any wind during the day or even at night.  Last night Paul talked of an experience he had yesterday that made him feel like the rich man in the story of Lasurus.  A woman had stopped by to look at the work & she wanted some cement to fix some of her pots.  Paul wasn't sure what to say, he wasn't sure how much she wanted.  While he hesitated she saw some trails of spilt cement on the ground and she bent down & swept some up into her hand & said she had enough.  Spilt crumbs from our table of plenty.  Orikia came along today and almost filled the mission truck with fire wood, dah flowers & bil bah.  Actually Paul just told me there was another woman involved.  They want to sell the stuff in the market on Sat.  At the end of the day I had about 30-40 minuets to play radio.  Made 2 contacts and we had a pileup.  What fun.  All the contacts as fast as I could handle the.  Hope I get to spend a few days just before we leave on the radio  XT2OP is a lot more popular than VE4JOP.  The antenna I have in Oradara is just not as good as Pauls or the band is dead so I don't get much action in the evening.  Malaria pill time & shower.

A pleasant break in the middle of the day.  Luanna spent some time teaching these children how to count.  They copied her almost perfectly but I'm not sure they knew what they were saying.  I think it might help that their language is a tonal one and that helpled them to repeat the sounds they hear.