Jan 14/04
First thing at the job was to fix sewing machine.  Donna Enns gave me a new part for controling thread tension but it did not fit.  So I robbed the part I needed, the thread take up spring, and adapted it to fit on Lois's machine.  Worked for awhile on the machine till the others showed up.  After I had it together I got Tina to try sewing & then fine tuned till she was happy.  Fixed some 12 v cords looked at the solar powered lantern.  Needs batteries.  Have to rember to order some when I get home.  Melfort got the shower floor done & Art finished the outside walls of the septic tank.  The women except for Tian painted.  Verla cooked our dinner.  Lillian would like me to look at some of her wiring.  Will have to fit it in somewhere.  Started working on house wiring late afternoon.  Worked on neating up the wiring in the kitchen.  Found a place where the lizards had chewed through a plastic pipe and into the wiring inside.  Fixed with tape.  Not a good day for radio.  Band condition's not good.  Made only 3-4 contacts.  Felt kind of blah today.  Played to late last night setting up my radio at the guest house.  Had a long visit with Donna Enns after.  Discussed children leaving home to work in mission field & how parents feel.  Lots to think about.  She also said that some people had 60 taste buds & others up to 800.  Helps to explain fussy eaters she said, they taste more intensly.  Made me feel better about being fussy.  Had cheese burgers & fries for supper.  Had a singing sharing & prayer time after. Making plans for Sunday as to where we are going to church.  Lillian wants to take her parents to Jegoudou, which is where Paul & Lois normally go.  From there she wants to visit someone which will make for a long day of "rest".  Paul wants to split up the group & go to 2 different churches so as not to overwhelm 1 group.  The second group will go to the church Loren & Donna go to.  Pill tiime, shower & bed.

Tina and I got well aquainted with this sewing machine.  Tina spent a good part of her time sewing curtains and sofa cushion coverings.  Aside from regular cleaning and oiling I fixed a number of things.  The belt had to be put back together and I replaced the piece that advances the cloth under the foot.  I also removed the thread tension control and borrowed parts from a similar new one and put it all back together.  I think I'd call it on the job training or maybe the fun I had with my mother's sewing machine paid off.  I used to use it to power my Meccano set projects.