Jan 12/04
Left for Tin about 8:00.  It's a 14.47 km drive from the guest house in Oradara to Paul's house in Tin.  Fixed fans & flouresent lights.  Made 1 good fan from 3 old ones.  Had to do some more work on sewing machine.  Thread tensions not right.  Probably have to oil it tomorrow.  Made 2 contacts on Paul's radio on my call sign, XT2OP.  Both guy's were named Dick.  The floor on the septic tank got done.  Tina sewed curtains, Luanna & Thelma painted.  Arnold fixed holes in the wall.  Kendale & Jim helped Art & Melfort with the wqork on the addition to the house.  Left for Tin around 6:30 Sat around outside afterwards & discussed what needed to be purchased tomorrow & how we'd make the septic field.  Diary time & malaria pills & shower & bedtime.  Oh, I also filled a page in my logbook.  Austrailia, Europe, USA & Canada & South Africa.  Red letter day.

A good part of my time was spent here in this room.  I did my fan repairs and flouresent light mods here as well as a bunch of wiring and battery cleanup.  Also some of the fun part of this trip like playing radio.  I had my own callsign, XT2OP, for Burkina.  For those who care, the radio is a Kenwood TS 50 and a MFJ 949E tuner.