Jan 10/04
Got up at 6:40.  Had breakfast & then waited to see about Jim.  Paul made an appointment at the Dr. at 10:30 so Paul & Jim stayed behind while the rest of us went to Tin.  I cleaned up Pauls battery connections & battery's in his office.  After that I checked out his solar panels.  At least the ones on the ground.  One of his didn't work and he had some from Loren Enns.  They all have problems.  The best one puts out the correct voltage & when it's pressed on just right even almost the correct voltage.  Labeled & put away.  After dinner replaced the part on the sewing machine that advances the cloth while sewing.  Worked better afterwards.  Fixed some 12 V fans afterwards.  Also a flouresent light.  There still some left.  Art & Kendale along with Pauls workers put up forms & rebar for the footing for the bathroom.  They used short pieces of rebar for drill bits to drill into old foundation to tie old and new together.  If we don't have we improvise.  Cement was mixed on the cement pad & later switched to mixing in wheelbarrow.  Worked late & finished footing for additiion.  Tina sewed curtains most of the day.  Luanna & Thelma painted in the house.  Paul & Jim showed up later in the afternoon.  Jim feels a bit bettter.  When we got back to Orodara the Haas's had arrived.  We had supper at 8:00 or so.  Beef roast & baked potatoes.  Good.  Visited after supper & Lillian checked to see if the movie we brought along would play on her computer.  It does but the viewing angle will be critical.  Malaria pills & shower & off to bed.  At least after diary entry.

This is almost like screening sand in the sandbox when I was a kid.  Compared to that then this is on a big scale.