Feb 4/04
Got up at 8.  Luanna & Carmela slept till 10.  Watched Robin Hood by myself.  Afterwards Luanna, Carmela, me & Jim walked out to the main drag & got a taxi and went to the artisan place.  Luanna bought a dress & a shirt for Tim.  I bought a shirt for myself.  We had dinner there in an open air resturant.  Food fairly good but it was definetly not fast food.  Took at least an hour waiting to get our food.  Lillian & Verlas had joined us.  Afterward the Haas's took the taxi they had hired for the day back to the guest house & us Blumenorters hired one to get back to the guest house.  There we picked up all the luggage we were going to check & took it to the airport to check it in.  Carmela interpeted for us.  We checked in 1 big suit case & 2 boxes.  Ended up paying somebody 5000 francs to push our luggage in on carts & moving it along the line.  We all thought it was far to much but unless we made a scene we didn't know what to do so we paid & left.  Should have agreed on a rate beforehand.  We also ended up paying an extra taxi 3000 for our ride back to the guest house.  Back at the guest house I went for a last cold shower.  Carmela & Luanna went grocery shopping so we'd have something for supper.  They tried to order in Pizza but were told we had to order a day ahead.  Definetly not fast food.  Had Lipton chicken noodle soup & pasta for supper.  Also some cheese.  While they went shopping the men watched a movie.  Finished watching it after supper.  At 9:15 Luanna, Carmela, me & Jim got into the taxi & went to the airport.  We waited outside while the taxi went to get the others.  At 1020 we said our goodbye's & started the boarding process.  One of my carryons got weighed & I had to go check it in as checked luggage because it was too heavy.  Not to happy about it because all my radio gear was in it.  About here our group got all split up.  Also had to dissasemble Luanna's flashlight and put it back in that way.  Other than that all went well & we boarded in good time.  The flight left on time at about 10 to 12.  Malaria pills had been taken earlier.  Ended the day in the air.

This is the place I refer to as the Artisan Place.  It had many different crafts or trades working in the place making things from rugs, leather products, knives, cloth weaving and many other things.  The dark areas along the side of the building are not walls but are completely open.

We ate dinner in this restaurant.  The building was mostly just a roof over head to keep off the sun.  The food was ordered at the counter that is just visible in the left front corner and then we ate at the table.

Having spent a good part of my life involved with gravel I tend to notice gravel trucks no matter where they are.