Feb 3/04
Finished packing last night around 1:00 AM.  Shortly after we made out the lights Luanna heard a mouse.  We switched on the lights & Luanna looked through our luggage & even saw the mouse scurry away.  We baited the trap with cashews & set it up.  15 min later we had a mouse in the trap.  A big one.  Paul showed up at 7:15 & shortly we started loading.  Paul took us in to Bobo to the STMB bus depot.  We got there around 930 or 9:40.  Lillian got our tickets & we carried our luggage to the bus.  It was not air conditioned.  Those were all booked up.  Apparently because of the Muslim holiday.  The bus was full, all the seats were taken.  At Boromo we stopped for about 10 min.  We bought various food right from the bus window.  Lillian left the bus & bought 2 fried chicken & some bread.   Cost about 3000 francs or 7.50 cdn.  Later the bus made a stop for someone to have a bathroom break.  This bus seemed to have a bad air leak.  Most of the time when the brakes were applied it sounded like air was leaking from either a line or a valve.  Not good but we arrived safly & on time.  Hired 2 taxis in Ouagau to take us to the guest house.  Loaded up the trunks on both cars & the roof rack that one car had.  Everything was tied in with the famous Burkina tarp strap, strip of rubber cut from tubes.  At the CMA guesthouse the first thing we did was shower & take a nap.  Later we heated up some pizza & had that for supper with pop.  Spent the evening sitting around visiting & me & Jim watched a movie, "Ernest goes to Camp".  It's been awhile since I watched any TV.  The Haas'es went to visit someone.  Nice relaxing evening.  Plan to sleep in tomorrow & go shopping at the Artisan Place later.  Pill time.

This is a typical street scene. The car in the forground is a taxi.  "All" the taxi's in Burkina wore this lovely green color.  They were easily identified.  This one is also typical in the sense that its missing a signal light and one headlight is broken.