Feb 2/04
Got up at 7:30.  Went to Pauls & worked on Carmela's bike.  Tightened up stuff & adjusted brakes Straightened the rim by adjusting the spokes.  She'll have to get a new idler gear to replace the one Lacina lost on Sat.  Played with radios for awhile.  Afterwards went to Tendenau around 230 & went with Carmela & Luanna to wash clothes at the "laundromat".  When you get there you first rinse off the rock shore & brush it clean.  Then you wet your clothes & place them on the cleaned rock & soap them by rubbing with a soap block.  Then they picked them up & slapped them down & kept on slapping them again & again & juggling them & slapping some more.  When you consider them clean you rinse them clean in the running water.  I took some video clips of Luanna & Carmela washing clothes.  Lillian had made the mistake of mentioning photos of us washing to some of the people in Tendenau & some kids heard it & we had lots of commpany.  One 3 year old girl came along & did her own work.  She had one piece of clothing & spent the whole time washing it just like the adults.  Afterwards we handed out gifts to the people in Tendenau in appreaciation of keeping Carmela & Lillian there.  Also for our stay in their courtyard.  Then I went to Paul's & played on the radio for 1 1/2 hr till Paul came and got Jim & me to meet Ental Sedu.  He came to say good bye & send greetings.  At the same time he again brought up the subject of help for his community.  A tractor, land clearing project or help in getting equipment for processing cashews.  The stay got to be quite lengthy & what with the rush of packing & getting to Orodara for night & actually packing we started getting upset.  Carmela wanted us to meet Tousine & we needed more time than we felt we had.  Lillian needed to get to Orodara to make bus reservations for us and needed to leave.  It also seemed we all weren't looking forward to saying goodbye.  Carmela went to Orodara with the Haases on the mission truck.  Luanna & me & Jim had supper at Paul & Lois & then took Pauls truck to Orodara.  When we got there we got busy packing.  Around 10:30 Touseine & his family stopped by to meet us.  His wife & 4 girls.  Look's like a nice family.  After we continued packing.  Close to midnight Verla brought us some watermelon for a snack.  As soon as we're done off to bed.  Pills were done earlier in the evening.

Here we were on the way to the "laundromat".  The boy in the green shirt was interested in "photos" and the girl came along to do her own version of "laundry".  Actually it was a nice relaxing time.

Our daughter brushed the sand off the shore before doing laundry.  That's where the clothes were laid out and rubbed with soap and then slapped down to imitate the agitation cycle of a washer.  After that it was rinsed in the flowing water of the river and wrung out and taken back to the courtyard and hung on a washine to dry.