Well, what do you know, Spike can go to work today.  Nice brand new machine, no paint scratched yet.

Some guys should buy their backhoes assembled like the rest of us.  Spike won't be able to dig a basement today yet.

Spike figures he's done work'n now. Well he's almost right, just got a linkage pins to make then paint it all.  Spike must be bigger than I thought, that's a five and a half yard bucket he's resting in.

Now Spike will soon have to go to work. The 385 is almost ready to go to work.

Now Spike will have a place to sit. The 385 Cat is making some progress.

I didn't know the labour shortage was this bad. Spike is sure one busy dog.

Where is Spike with a can of ether when you need him? Wonder if he could get this TTAC engine running?

The trouble some people go to to park with a view.

Spike figures it'll take a bit of putty and lots of paint and then maybe it will almost look like a 385 boom.

Hydraulic cylinders for a 385 Cat.  Hope Spike put his stamp of approval on them.  Genuine Cat parts.

The main deck for the 385 Cat excavator.  This time no Spike to check for quality control.

Spike is making sure that his boss has done a good job building the tracks for his next project a 1/12th scale 385 Cat excavator.

This is an engine built by Spike's boss.  The engine is patterned after a Murphy MP21.  Too bad it's not visible in the finished product.